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What was she doing when he phoned? When was she writing a letter to her friend? When were we making a campfire? What was our teacher telling about when the bell rang? Where was my Granny sitting when it got dark? Were you using the Internet? Were you watching a film with Friends? What were you doing?

What were you doing when I called? What was Mum doing at the time? Mum was cooking dinner at the time. Were you watching TV at 8 p. Yes, I was watching TV at 8 p. Was your brother watching TV at 8 p. My brother was reading a newspaper. When did your brother arrive? My brother arrived when I was having a breakfast. Make sentences with the words. He забывайте, что обстоятельство места стоит перед обстоятельством времени. What were you doing on Sunday morning? Who was singing in your room yesterday morning?

What was she buying in that shop yesterday evening? When were they playing football? Найдите среди этих выражений вежливую просьбу.

Match the expressions and the pictures. Could you stick to the point? F ind the best translation for the expressions 1. Make these sentences more polite. Use could Could you close the door? Could you wash up? Could you answer my question? Could you help your mother? Could you make a cup of tea? This is a new e-mail from Agent Cute. He made a lot of mistakes again.

Translate the letter into English. Yesterday when I came in the office. Boss was speaking on the phone. Boss was speaking with police. Boss was not telling to me. He was looking for a document. To cut a long story short, you must be in England in three days. Listen, read and find. Eurolines British Airlines ferry f 52 and f f Find the translations of these sentences in the text. It will take a long time. It took me only three and a half hours. How long does it take?

Fill in the gaps with the words train, plane, bus. The train is faster than bus, but it is not as fast as the plane. The train is more expensive than the bus, but it is not as expensive as the plane. The plane is not as cheap as the bus, but it is faster than the train.

The train is not as expensive as the plane, but it is more comfortable than the bus. The bus is the cheapest. The plane is the most comfortable. Read the situations and write the sentences with it took.

It took Agent Cute one hour to write a letter to Misha. It took Mary two days to read a book. It took us one day to clean the house. It took us two hours to get to Germany.

Translate into Russian Чтобы умыться, ей требуется 15 минут. Чтобы доехать до Москвы, тебе потребуется два часа. Чтобы найти книгу, ему потребовался месяц. Чтобы приготовить обед на костре, требуется полчаса. Чтобы очистить лес, детям потребовалось две недели. Ему надо много времени, чтобы добраться до своего офиса? Много ли потребуется времени, чтобы организовать ночную экскурсию в музей?

Робину потребовалось много времени, чтобы вернуться домой? How long does it take to do your Homework? How long will it take you to get to Moscow? How long does it take your mother to cook dinner? How long did it take them to put up a tent? How long does it take you to read a book? How long does it take builders to build a house? Read the words in transcription. Босс прислал Маквизардам копию похищенной записки. Listen, read and translate them with a dictionary.

Робу Это находится сейчас в далекой земле. Друиды отдали это перед тем, как уйти. Наша семья передавала это от отца к сыну. Оно одно в семи, семь в одной. Однажды это принесло смерть, Однажды это показало путь, Однажды это принесла богатство, Однажды это спасло день, Однажды это принесло любовь, Однажды это принесло надежду, Однажды это принесло мир воюющим народам.

Она была добро к некоторым людям и заставило некоторых плакать. Но к добру или нет, оно спасло их жизни. Но они потеряли это, и сокровище потерялось. Найди семь ключей и сокровище твое. Он хотел найти что-то важное в доме. Но грабитель ничего не взял. Когда мистер Ларкин обнаружил его, он пытался открыть старый ящик.

В этом ящике лежат древние книги. Затем грабителю были нужны старые книги? Потому что в них есть ключ к старому сокровищу. Но здесь тысячи книг. Мы не можем их все прочитать.

Никто не найдет это сокровище. Я думаю, все проще. Мы должны найти семь историй об одном, потому что одно в семи, и семь в одном. И оно пришло от Друидов. Поэтому мы должны начать с них. Я помню очень интересную историю в старой рукописи. Давайте попробуем начать с нее. Match the names and the descriptions. Fill in the gaps with the words and complete the information. More than two thousand years ago Celts lived on the British Isles.

They lived in groups. We call these groups tribes. Every group has it king or queen. They came with their leader Julius Caesar. They won a lot of battles and left. The Romans came back in AD They came with 40, soldiers. The Romans were the great builders. They built cities, roads and bridges. Their capital in Britain was Colchester. Romans built London too. They called it Londinium. A lot of Celts learnt this Language. Sometimes Celts and Romans lived together, but sometimes they were enemies.

Do the crossword and find the first key to the treasure. Helori Roman Patrick Celt. Look at the picture and write: What were the people doing when the boss came into the room? Sabby was reading a book. Maggy was writing a letter. Peggy was playing computer games. Simon was talking on the phone.

What were you doing at 6 p. What were you doing when the teacher came in the class? What were you doing at 3 a. What were you doing at 10 a. How long does it take you to get from home to school? Match the first and the second parts of the situations.

To cut a long story short. This story is very fishy. Употребите подчеркнутые прилагательные в значении существительных. In Russia 99 per cent of the children go to state schools. Boys and girls go to school together. There are some private schools in Russia. There are some boarding schools in Russia. All-girls school — d boys can not study in this school 2. Public school — a a school which is for the rich and the clever 3. Scholarship — b something you get if you are very clever 4. Eton — c the most famous public school 5.

Boarding school — e the school where you learn and live. Fill in the gaps. I must read seven pages for the next test. Two of my Friends are coming on Saturday. The other Friends are coming on Sunday. This tea is very nice. This story is boring. He has other plans. Match the names of the subjects and the translations. I need another one.

This book is boring. Do you have any other? Five pupils are here. Where are other pupils? I have two best Friends. One is a boy, the other friend is a girl. Translate into Russian Им надо говорить по-английски каждый день. Мне сейчас надо идти домой. Туристам следует посмотреть Кремль. Ему следует представить тебя его родителям. Write the sentences with should You should help your mum. Pupils should do their Homework.

Everybody should learn foreign languages. People should protect the environment. Людям не следует сорить. We should recycle our rubbish. Нам следует перерабатывать наш мусор. Everybody should eat vegetables and fruit.

Всем надо есть овощи и фрукты. Детям не следует смотреть телевизор весь день. The rich should help the poor. Богатым следует помогать бедным. We should protect the environment. Нам следует защищать окружающую среду. You should learn foreign languages. Тебе следует изучать иностранные языки. You should be polite. You should say hello when you see a teacher.

You should come to school on time. You must stand up when a teacher comes into the class. You must wear your school uniform. What do you know about table manners? Say true or false You should eat with your fork and spoon. True You can eat your cake with a spoon. True You can eat chips with your fingers. True You should keep your napkin on the table near your plate.

True The knife goes on the right of your plate. True If something on the table is too far away, you can stand up and take it. Manners, Manners… The folk should go on the left, The knife should go on the right.

Spoons should be for soup, Forks — for cakes and stew. Manners, manners They are all that matters. Sit as straight as you could, Elbows should be close to your sides. If something is too far, You should pass it to your mates. To talk at table is polite, And not to talk is rude.

Find all mistakes and correct the song. Manners, Manners… The fork goes on the left, The knife goes on the right. And never, ever try to eat Without your fork and knife. Spoons are for soup, Forks — for cakes and stew. But never, ever try to bite More food than you can chew. Sit as straight as you could, Elbows close to your sides. Manners, manners They are all that matters, Never play with your food, And you will be all right.

And never, ever try to talk When your mouth is full of food. At table every time You should watch yourself, And never, ever start Without a napkin on your lap. Answer the questions I should have a knife. I should put a napkin. I should never talk. I should eat my cake with a spoon. What are the children in the picture doing? Match the picture and the verb. A girl is eating. A boy is biting. A girl is drinking.

A boy is chewing. Fill in the gaps with other; the other, another. I have two pens. This one is not very good. I think I should give the other. The apples are very tasty. Can I have another one? I have two sandwiches. One is with ham. Please give me the other one. There are other books in the bookcase. Do you want to go camping with us? I have other hobbies. Look at the children and give them advice about their table manners.

You should use a knife. You should sit straight. You should wash your hands. You should put a napkin on your lap. The pupils are polite to the teachers. Some boys bully to Robin. The teachers are very strict. If the teacher is not happy with you, you can get a detention.

What do you know about public schools? These schools are for the rich and talented. The most famous public school in England are Eton and Harrow. A year at Eton costs J17 Not everybody has to pay a lot of money.

If you have special talents you can get a scholarship. Use have or has. Translate into Russian 5. I have listened to the teacher. We have played tennis. Мы играли в теннис. Kate has broken the cup. My Friends have called me. Мои друзья позвонили мне. She has written this letter. Она написала это письмо. You have lost the key. Перепишите предложения, сделав их отрицательными. Copy the table and fill it in. Put the verbs in the Present Perfect Translate into Russian 1.

Mary has opened the window. The teacher has given us a lot of Homework. Учитель дал нам много домашней работы. I have phoned my Granny. Я позвонил своей бабушке. You have read this book. Ты прочитал эту книгу. We have made a very nice picture. Мы сделали очень красивую картинку. Перепишите полученные предложения, записав глаголы have, has в сокращенной форме. Распределите глаголы в зависимости от чтения окончания — еd.

Найдите I и III формы глаголов и выпишите получившиеся пары. Complete the sentences with the Present Perfect form of the verbs in brackets. He has not called his friend. Misha has written a letter to his sister. The children have cleaned the forest. She has not walked the dog. They have bought a new computer. I have left the book at home. What has she done?

She has made a cake. She has bought a present. She has written a letter. She has decorated the house. Read, look at the picture and fill in the gaps. Use the verbs open, turn on, break. Somebody has just left the room. Somebody has broken the window. And somebody has opened all our bags. Somebody has turned on the computer. And what about your books?

Who could it be? Look at the pictures and write. Alexey has just eaten his launch. Natasha has just washed her hair. Boris has done his Homework. Helen has done the shopping. Mark has seen a new film. Fred has read the book. Use the words yet, already, just. They have already translated this text.

He has not done his Homework yet. I have just called Masha. Mum has already cooked dinner. She is hungry, because her Mum has not cooked dinner. He is happy, because his friend has sent an e-mail. Образуйте общие вопросы к этим предложениям. Has Peter opened the window? Have we read a very good book. Has Mary lost her dog?

Have my Friends gone to school? Have they seen an interesting film? Has Misha been to London? Have you bought the book? Have we finished our work? What have we just done? How many apples has he eaten? What has anyone done? Misha has got a poor mark in Maths. Misha has got an excellent mark in English. Misha has got a a good mark in English Literature. Misha has got a poor mark in German. Misha has got a satisfactory mark in Physics. Misha has got a good mark in History. Misha has got a very good mark in Music.

Misha has got a very good mark in Art. Misha has got a very good mark in PE. Misha has got a good mark in IT. Misha has got a satisfactory mark in Religious Education. Misha has got an excellent mark in DT. Make sentences from these words. Translate into Russian, 1. He has never built a house. Они никогда не построил дом 2. They have never seen London. Они никогда не видели Лондон. Have you ever read this book?

Вы когда-нибудь читали эту книгу? I have never met him. Я никогда его не встречал. Find the negative and positive sentences in the poem. Translate them into Russian. I have never fallen off a very high tree. Я никогда не падал с очень высокого дерева. I have never found money. Я никогда не находил деньги. And I have never been to Spain. И я никогда не был в Испании. И я никогда не летал на большом реактивном самолете. I have met Elton John. Я встретился с Элтоном Джоном.

И я попробовал английский чай. Но я видел жирафа. Misha has never met a famous person. False Misha; has swum in the sea. True Misha has never played football. No information A jumbo jet is a plane. Match the questions and the answers from the poem.

Have you met famous people? Have you tried English tea? Have ever fallen off a very high tree? Have you ever found money. Have you traveled to Spain? Have you ever gone on a jumbo jet plane? Misha has met Elton John.

Misha has tried English tea. Misha has never fallen off a very high tree. Misha has never found money. Misha has never gone on a jumbo jet plane. Make questions with the underlined words. He has just met his friend — Who has just met his friend?

The boys have already put up all the tents. They have built в. Misha has applied for a visa. The girls have picked up a lot of flowers. He has just written a letter. We have seen a very interesting film. He has read a lot of books. They have played many games already. They have been to England. I have seen the London Eye. I have been in America.

I have swum in the Pacific Ocean. I have travelled in time. I have spoken to the Queen. I have flown in the sky. I have lived in a castle. Is that your new dress? Have you read this book? What have you already done? Make questions and answer them. Use never, already, yet. Have you ever built a house? Have you ever seen a tiger?

Have you ever been to China? Have you ever been to Turkey? Have you bought pizza? Have you ever caught a fish? Have you ever driven a car? Have you ever eaten pizza? Have you ever found a treasure? Have you ever gone to America? Have you ever spoken Japanese? Have you ever been to England? She has never used Internet. Have you ever jumped with a parachute?

Their team has never lost. Match the parts of the sentences. Choose the answer andfind the second key to the future. Do the crossword in the Workbook and check your answer. Artos fell asleep by the fire. Artos tribe are the people of the Ring. Some Celts went to the West because it was not far away. The person who gave Artos advice was a Christian priest. The name of the land of Piets and Scots today in Scotland. The table of King Arthur and his knight was round.

The special meeting place was by the mountain. Those were Germanic tribes. Celts were Christian but the Saxons were pagans. The Saxons attacked Celts and took their land.

Some Celtic tribes went to the West. The other Celtic tribes went to the North. Put just, already, yet in the right place. Kate is not hungry. She has already eaten. Why are you leaving? You have a lot of work. Are you going to buy fruit? Use the verbs in brackets in the Present Perfect or the Past Simple. I have already read this book. I have never been to London. My Friends were in London last year.

Every body has seen this dress. I want to buy a new one. Find in the text and copy into your exercise books. When was I late, sir?

I did skiing when I was seven and I did skating when I was four. But I gave up years ago. Why have I lost all these points, sir? You have already been late three times. Have you ever done any sports? Fill in the gaps with the words from the text. There are four teams in St. Every new pupil goes into one of the teams. If a pupil does something good, he earns his team points. If a pupil does something bad, he loses his team points. Pupils can also earn points if they do sports.

They built a house last year. He has already seen his friend today. This year I have already got six good marks. Father has just brought fruit. Last year I red two English books. Use the Present Perfect or Past Simple. Where did you find the key? He was in Africa last year. Ha has already seen this film.

I did not see him this week. They have never met this man. Write the sentences in the Present Perfect. Their team has played a football match.

When did you see it? Образуйте наречие образа действия от прилагательных. Complete the sentences with information from the text. If you can sing beautifully — join the choir. If you want to live dangerously — join the snowboarding club. If you can learn quickly — join the Tiger football club. If you can shout loudly — join the cheerleaders club. Underline the correct word. Answer true or false. If false, give the right answer.

There are ten players in a football team. False There are eleven players in a football team. No player can touch the ball with his hands. False The goalkeeper can touch the ball with his hands. The most important thing in football is to score a goal. Football was invented in America. False Football was invented in England.

Italy has never been the world champion in football. False Italy has been the world champion in football. There is a game called rugby football. There is a game called American football. Friends Guess the meaning of the underlined words, final — финал champions — чемпионы. Read and answer the questions. The best forward is not in the team because he has joined the choir.

The game ended in a draw. Last year the Tigers won two games. Fill in the gaps and complete the dialogue. Who are these people? Match the words and the players. Who does these things? Goalkeeper stays in the goal. Forward attacks the goal and scores. Defender protects the goal. Coach trains the team. Complete the sentences with words from the brackets. The Tigers were nervous. The Bears played brilliantly. Stabber made some fantastic saves.

Misha quickly ran back towards his goal. Translate the dialogue into English. Did you see the final? Yes, their goalkeeper made several saves. Misha Inin from Russia. Этим решебником уже пользуется человек. Пользуйся и ты каждый день!

Сделать это очень просто: Домашняя работа по английскому языку 7 класс Happy English Кауфман К. Напиши в комментариях справа! Unit 1 Say hello to your old friends Lesson 1,2 Do you remember us? Помоги нам стать лучше! Английский язык является мировым способом общения, поэтому его изучение так важно для каждого ученика. Ведь для получения хорошо оплачиваемой должности человек должен знать английский на уровне хотя бы разговорного. В 7 классе дети уже знают достаточно слов на английском, чтобы общаться на основные темы.