Н.а.бонк решебник

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Give Jane these pencils. Give me these pens and that bag, 7- Take these bad matches. Give me that match, please. This is a pen. This is a black pen. This pen is black, 9. This is a bag. This is my bag. This bag is thick. Ben, give me that thin pen. She knows a lot of teachers in this college. Is it very far? Turn to the left Here is the museum.

Can you explain it again? Can I call you back in 5 or 10 minutes? I like to play fast games. Could you say it slowly?

This is David Bennett. I need them at once right away. Take the seventeen bus. I always buy food on my way the way home. There are a lot of good shops here. My sister often stays with us over the weekends. She comes on Friday evening and goes away on Monday morning. There are a lot of telephones there. FAQ Обратная связь Вопросы и предложения.

Upload Опубликованный материал нарушает ваши авторские права? Please send me set seven. Send me seven sets. Send me even ten. Please lend me 10р. Let me meet Ned. Let me see set ten. Let me see Ted. Please see lesson seven. Let me see lesson seven. Send me seven sets, even ten. Lend me set seven B, please. Let me see Bess Dell. Let me meet Nell.

Let Ben see me. Please type test five. Let me type five lines. Let me see size nine. Please send me set five. Let Ben see type nine. Let me see my file. Please find my size. Let me see my bill. Let Mrs Fennell find file nine. Let Miss Snell find me five easy tests.

Lend me eleven empty files. Please buy me five little tins. Please find it in my old notes. Let me open five little tins. Let me see it. Let him find his phone bill Let him find his photos. Let me phone him in ten minutes. Let me hold his files! Let him phone me in fifteen minutes. Please test model His photo is in my file.

Bess is so slim! Mrs Ellis is still in. She is busy till 5. Model 15 is old. Bess is still ill. She is still in bed. Is it seven yet? Is it five yet? Is it eleven yet? Please tell Miss Flynn. Oh, please tell me. Please tell him my name.

Please leave it on my table. Please stay till eleven. Leave it on his table. Please say it in Finnish. Let Miss Lloyd leave my mail on my table. Please tell me his name. She is on holiday in Spain. Let Вill see my mail. Let him settle his bill in time on time.

Tell me his name. Leave tape 5 on my table. She is fifteen minutes late. Please phone me at home. Please phone me at five fifteen. Please phone him at his hostel.

Let Ann stay and help me. Say it in Italian. I am not often at home at five. Please phone me at seven. Is she, is she? Please see me at Let him leave us his old notes. Please let me have a map of London. Let me leave him some of my photos.

Please let me have some of his tapes till Monday. Let him leave some of his files on my table. Естествознание Сайты Книги Рефераты. Испанский язык Немецкий язык Другие языки. История Всемирная история Книги по всемирн. Культурология Сайты Книги Рефераты. Менеджмент Сайты Книги - маркетинг Книги - менеджмент Рефераты. Обществознание К уроку Экзамены, тесты Рефераты.

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